Welcome to phazon.fastlizard4.org!

From a static index.php page that wishes it was LizardWiki

If you're looking for LizardWiki, please go to fastlizard4.org (i.e., without the "phazon" in front).

If you are looking for a particular user's webspace, append a tilde and their username to the URL, so you have something like http://phazon.fastlizard4.org/~fastlizard4.

Were you looking for "croccydile.com" or "croccyvps"?

You're in the wrong place. For some reason, croccydile.com still points to this server, even though the IP address now belongs to LizardNet and is canonically phazon.fastlizard4.org. If you have any information that might help me figure out who the owner of croccydile.com is, so I can have them point their domain name to its correct location, please send me an email at whoi...@phazon.fastlizard4.org (click link and solve CAPTCHA to reveal email address). Your help is greatly appreciated.

Please be advised that I am unaffilated with croccydile.com or croccyvps, and I cannot answer any questions about them.

Resources for SSH users of phazon

SSH users of the server phazon that is. We hope you aren't using Metroid phazon. We really hope you aren't. :P

The LizardNet Shell Server Acceptable Use Policy can be found here. Users needing to access their email should refer to the LizardMail guide. Phazon is also a LizardIRC server; for help about LizardIRC, please see here (webchat accessible here).

As a reminder, SSH on phazon is available on multiple ports to facilitate access on networks that block port 22. Users who need to may also use phazon to access ridley's (or another LizardNet server's) SSH by proxy. Phazon's sshd listens on ports 22, 443, and 2222. Please remember, however, that LDAP/unified accounts are not (yet) used on LizardNet, so you'll need to poke me for an account on phazon. If you already have an account and SSH access on ridley, you should get an account and SSH access to phazon just for asking.

You may be looking for the various areas of LizardNet:
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